Photography- Inspiration from Mother Nature

Have you ever just admired Mother Nature from afar and felt that you were all of a sudden on cloud nine, standing in the middle of that vast beauty with the cool breeze brushing across your face and the autumn leaves or the winter snowflakes falling gracefully on your hair? Have you just adored how the buds blossom into beautiful spring flowers or how the summer scorching sun radiates heat on to our bodies, covering us like a blanket to keep us warm and happy?

Yes, I’ve had such an amazing experience and got the time to enjoy the beauty & understand the language of Mother Nature! During my undergrad, I would take walks around campus to explore the beauty that Mother Nature contributed to the world during the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter πŸ™‚ Β The incredible nature around the campuses inspired me to start my own nature photography! Here are some of the various seasonal shots that I had taken on campus during my walks. This picture below was taken during Spring around March when it was the Cherry Blossom time of the season:



Pretty Pink Cherry Blossom

I was able to capture the colorful season of Autumn with all of the yellow and orange trees blissfully swaying to the cool breeze as I was walking to class.


Colorful Autumn Leaves

I believe I took this picture during the winter storm in January. I was standing at the bus stop as I watched tiny snowflakes and water droplets slowly start to stick to the tree branches, painting a stunning black & white scenery all around me!


Icy Winter Wonderland

Last but not least, this is a photo that I took which just portrays a view of the campus on a hot summer day in New Jersey symbolizing happiness & serenity πŸ™‚


Summer Serenity

It was such a lovely experience just strolling along campus, exploring the world around me and unfolding the intricate details of Mother Nature! To all the people out there, whether you are enjoying your vacation spot, taking a walk in your neighborhood or on a college campus, please devote a few minutes of your time to just discover & appreciate the phenomenalΒ world that Mother Nature has given us πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Photography- Inspiration from Mother Nature

  1. I believe we’ll make the best of friends. I haven’t come across anyone who loves seasons as much as I do! I get so inspired by mother nature’s picturesque wonders. You were so lucky to have such a beautiful campus!


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