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Hey Everyone!

So for the past 2 years, I’ve been very keen on leveraging my computer skills hence found a lot of online educational websites & resources that have helped me tremendously in gaining a lot of knowledge and keeping track of the latest technology, trends, & skills. These websites are extremely helpful and are highly rated. I would like to share these sites with you all and I strongly recommend taking some time to review these sites and share it with your kids, family, and friends. I’ve taken about 12 free online courses from top universities (some require pay) and all of them are outstanding, very well taught, highly rated and reputable. I’ve had an amazing experience, learned basic and high demand skills, and gained an incredible amount of knowledge which looks great on resumes and helps you be successful in the job market now. It took me some time to search and analyze which websites are the best so I’ve made a list for everyone to refer to if anyone is looking to enhance their computer/interpersonal skills 🙂

Educational Websites

1. Coursera

This is my favorite educational website and I believe this is one of the best sites that I’ve used for enhancing my skills and career. They provide over 1000+ courses in every subject ranging from computer science, engineering, arts, humanities, business, language learning, etc and from top universities such as Duke, Penn, Johns Hopkins, etc. They provide full specialization package to improve your skill sets in that field which you have to pay or you can enroll in each course for free. All materials are available for you to review at all times and is provides with a certificate of completion at the end to earn recognition for your work. Highly recommend this website and such an outstanding group of faculty to teach these courses at a professional level.

2. Udemy

This is also an excellent website to enhance your online learning experience! This site provides a more diverse group of subjects from business, IT, programming, marketing, photography, design, software skills such as Microsoft products, Adobe, iOS, Photoshop, many more as well as courses for personal development such as videos for stress management, boost self esteem, memory & study skills, etc. A lot of course require pay but some courses are also provided for free. It’s similar to Coursera but less amount of work & materials but gives you a certificate of completion. Some software, IT courses are definitely worth paying for! I took a few courses on this website and I really liked it and have a great experience. Highly recommend this as well and hint: sometimes you get really good discounts on amazing, top demand courses so look out for those incentives haha 🙂

3. Udacity

Another fantastic website and is very helpful for students who would like to advance their career and employment opportunities. You can enroll in free courses according to your choice of subject and skill level. The best part of this website is that they provide actual nano degrees which are created by top companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and provide a package with related courses & projects which is a great way to get your foot in the door. This website is excellent especially for computer science, engineering, data science, and IT majors to leverage their skills in these fields and improve work experience. Always a 4 or better out 5 ratings from students 🙂

4. edX

This is also an amazing website and online platform for advancing your skills and career and is a combination of Coursera & Udacity with free courses taught by top universities, micromasters programs created by many companies, and provides completion as well professional certificates. Everyone globally has taken courses on this website and have loved it so also highly recommended 🙂


Educational Resources

1. TutorialsPoint

This website is a great resource for people who are new IT & programming which gives step by step free tutorials on learning the basics of each concept. Anything from Java, Programming, Web Development, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, SAP software, & Microsoft! They also provide tutorials on simple concepts like soft skills (management, body language, interpersonal skills, business & workplace ethics, etc. There is even a category of tutorials on various different sports. An amazing resource to refer to for beginners as well as professionals! High quality material & easy to access and comprehend.

2. StackOverflow

This website is mainly for programmers who need help in coding whether its Python, Java, or any other programming language. You create an account with a username & password and any coding that you are stuck on, you can always post your answer and the exact snippets of code, and people will answer your question within an hour. Very good site and was impressed by the answers that I received. This website really helped me with my programming assignments where I couldn’t find help in the last minute.

3. Slack Messaging App

Slack is a messaging app for the desktop which is similar to like Facebook Messenger in which you use this app for school or work related purposes. You add all of your classmates and can create different categories or channels and work as a team. I just starting using this and I really love it! It makes my life so much easier and its much better to communicate and help classmates out rather than emailing or texting a classmate individually. Highly recommended for students or working professionals!

4. WolframAlpha

This is an excellent website for people of all ages to need assistance or knowledge in any subject such as math, chemistry, physics, etc. It can give you step by step solutions to math calculations or detailed explanations in subject areas such as geography, units, data analysis, history, life sciences, & much more! Enter anything you would like to know about in each field, and you will definitely get a step by step tutorial and several examples. Highly recommended 🙂

5. NOOL Grade Calculator

This website is very useful for all types of students who would like to calculate their grades & cumulative GPA in the class. This helps students understand where they stand in the class and how they can improve in their studying to increase their scores. You just have to add the score and the weightage of each score and then press the calculate button. So for example, I add my score for assignments = 90 and weightage = 10% of total grade, score & percentage for quizzes, etc. the website will calculate your grade and GPA in the course as of now. It’s been very helpful and am sure will for all the students out there too 🙂

6. Khan Academy

This is my very first website that I’ve used since my childhood to enhance my math and business skills and its an awesome learning platform. Sal Khan, the founder of the academy provides excellent detailed free videos explaining the basic concepts in subjects such as any math (algebra, geometry, calculus, etc.), economics, computer programming, art, history, test prep (SAT, ACT, GMAT, etc.), science (Orgo, chem, biology), & engineering. He teaches math for different level of students starting from kindergarten till high school students. Love his videos and teaching style  and I believe this is one of the more popular free online learning websites so def recommend it and highly suggest kids utilize this website 🙂

7. TedX

TedX is a general non profit website which have a series of videos in which leaders give powerful talks to spread ideas about various topics around the world ranging from science to business to global issues. This website is great for partners or people starting businesses who would like to get more ideas about the type of business in that particular field on how to improve and change the world. Very interesting website 🙂


This is one of my favorite websites and its specifically for people who are new to coding, IT, and programming. They provide hands on tutorials to apply the programming concepts and lets you practice the code yourself. They teach any programming language from Java, Python, SQL, Ruby, HTML & CSS, Website designing, etc. Such a great way to get your foot in the door and leverage your skills and advance your career. These skills look great on your resume as every employer seeks people with programming backgrounds. If you don’t have an instructor around and are stuck on a coding assignment, this is the website to refer to!

9. Scratch

Scratch is a very fun website for programmers to learn the basics of coding. This website helps all ages from kindergarten to adults to learn & understand what programming is all about through interactive games, stories, and animations.You can learn to code but at the same time you can think creatively and imagine different scenarios and create endless stories! This linked to creative programming and helps students improve their skills and advance their career in animation or computer/web designing. Highly recommended 🙂

These are some of the educational websites/resources that I found useful and I hope you feel the same too!








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