Spain & India Part 3: Bangalore and Chennai :)

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Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all are having a wonderful summer! Today’s post will be about Part 3 of my Spain and India trip of Summer’17 πŸ™‚ I will be posting pictures of my memorable time in my homeland, South India. I had the opportunity to spend this time with my family & grandparents. Even though I was born in the US, my parents are from the Southern part of India in a place called Chennai and some of my relatives live in another city called Bangalore. Since most of my family all live in Chennai and Bangalore, we always try to visit them every year or two during the summer holidays πŸ™‚

Just a reminder to my fellow bloggers and to my very new blog friends, here are the links to Part 1: Barcelona and Part 2: Madrid, Spain. Feel free to check out those posts if you haven’t already. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on some great pics πŸ™‚ Also, hope you like the new headers that I’ve been creating πŸ™‚

Spain & India Part 1: Barcelona

Spain & India Part 2: Madrid

So let me start out with Bangalore first! I was able to visit my lovely grandparents at my uncle’s house for a few days. They are doing well but so sad to see them all old and tired 😦 We were there for about a week. We had to switch a few hotels here and there but they all looked amazing on the inside! Here is my favorite hotel out of all of them called The Paul Bangalore. Even though it was really expensive per night we def enjoyed the stay! Here are some pics:

My parents took us on a quick tour around the city and we stopped to take a picture at the Vidhana Soudha which is the state legislative building built with beautiful Indian styles!

We visited the Hindu temple which depicts the Destroyer of the World, Lord Shiva. This temple has the largest statue of Lord Shiva built in marble and is 65ft tall, wow!! Loved it and the temple is just so pretty πŸ™‚

shiva picshivalingam

We then just drove passed the famous beautiful garden in Cubbon Park!


I also got the chance to shop for a few hours at the popular Commercial street filled with so much crowd and lighted fancy stores πŸ™‚


Here are just some views of Bangalore and its amazing apartment buildings:

Next is my lovely time in Chennai where my parents are from (didn’t take too many pics):

Every Indian girl cannot miss going sari shopping when they visit India! Was just so much fun:


We got the time to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday in a very popular and grandeur hotel called the ITC Grand Chola! Such a luxurious hotel with elegant interiors and designed with Indian styles! Here are a few pics:


So those are the photos that I’ve taken during my trip to Bangalore & Chennai in India! Part 3 is the last part of my travel diaries of Spain and India Trip 2017! I really hope you all enjoyed my pics! What were your favorite pics and which part did you enjoy reading the most? Would appreciate your comments below πŸ™‚

Let me know if you like my travel posts, I will be very happy to post a lot more on my blog πŸ™‚

Some interesting posts and maybe a few tags/awards coming up soon!

Until next time


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45 thoughts on “Spain & India Part 3: Bangalore and Chennai :)

    • Yes I totally agree and I also loved that idol of Shiva as well! I’m religious and really believe in God but am not too religious like my parents lol. I love visiting temples and def this was totally worth it! πŸ™‚

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  1. Ah, I always love travel posts! I’ve always wanted to visit Bangalore and especially that Shiv temple! It all looks so amazing. My parents and I also visit our family in India regularly, usually every 2-3 years. Most of my family lives in Maharashtra, so we tend to stick around there whenever we go.
    Great post!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same here, just love traveling! Bangalore is such a wonderful city, def better than Chennai! It’s like you get the best of both worlds of US and India combined together lol. I actually really enjoyed it there except for the pollution and traffic which is bad but other than that the city is just so lively! Oh that’s awesome and its nice to visit family once in a while there! I haven’t been to North India much but I’ve been to Mumbai and def really liked it there too! My uncle lives there now so prob will go visit next time πŸ™‚ Thank you so much sweetie and really glad you enjoyed the post πŸ™‚ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve heard such agood things about Bangalore. I know some people who moved there, but not anyone I’m close with to go visit, you know? Yeah, I know what you mean with all the traffic and pollution. Mumbai is the same, I think! It’s crazy there!! When we go to India, we tend to stay mostly in Pune with trips back in forth to Mumbai. So those are the two places I know best, haha. Yes, exactly! Visiting family is nice and, I feel, necessary sometimes too. We’ve got to appreciate what we’ve got right now!
        And, you’re welcome! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha I totally agree! My uncle mentioned the same thing with the traffic and all that but I heard its nice just to tour around the city! And yes, it feels great to visit grandparents and spend some time with them over there πŸ™‚


  2. Awesome! Loved all three parts, and would definitely look forward to more. The ITC Grand Chola looks incredible. I heard that the ITC chain are some of the best in India. I hope I can visit/stay in at least one when I visit. Banglore nice and modern. Much different that I would have expected. I would love to have made a stop there, but there is just so much to do in India. I don’t think you can truly explore it all in a lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thank you so much Anil! So glad you’re enjoying my posts πŸ™‚ Yes, I believe ITC is also in Mumbai and its just amazing! I didn’t get to stay there since its really pricey but just got to have dinner for a bday celebration. But you should def stay there with family or when you get married πŸ™‚ I agree! Next time you visit India, def make a trip to Bangalore…its a combo of North and South India and has some really nice tourist spots! A lot of people really enjoy the city.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Cubbu Park is absolutely beautiful!! And that hotel you stayed at is stunning πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in South India! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures you shared! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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