100 Things on my Bucket List! :)

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Hey my lovely friends! ❀

Hope everyone had a fantastic & fun -filled weekend especially to those who celebrated the 4th of July in the US! Was able to watch the sparking fireworks right outside my window and it was just so beautiful πŸ™‚

So I mentioned earlier that I would be posting about different entertaining topics for my blog posts in the upcoming weeks! I noticed many amazing bloggers post about bucket list ideas whether its a travel or a summer bucket list, so I decided to do one for myself! I also got inspired by Mehul’s post and he insisted I do one as well so thank you MehulπŸ™‚ Today’s topic is going to be about the 100 things that I would like to have on my overall bucket list πŸ™‚ I’ve never thought about what would be on my list until now and would be incredible if accomplish even a few of these haha! It’s gonna be a pretty long list but definitely an interesting one so be patient and keep reading πŸ™‚

Let the list begin!

  1. Watch the sunset at the beach in Santorini, Greece
  2. Ride on a hot air balloon
  3. Visit Australia, New Zealand, Shanghai, etc.
  4. Visit the main countries on all 7 continents
  5. Visit & take a pic in front of the 7 wonders of the world
  6. Get married and have a really grand wedding
  7. Meet & take selfies with celebrities or Obama
  8. Since I’ve been a vegetarian since birth, I would like to try eating meat at least once
  9. Ride on a gondola (romantic ride) with my husband in Venice
  10. Become a senior executive/CEO in a Fortune 500 company
  11. Buy a million dollar house/mansion
  12. Buy a BMW or a Mercedes Benz
  13. Zip Lining
  14. Parasailing
  15. Whitewater Rafting
  16. Stand under the waterfall
  17. Meet my fellow bloggers/friends in person and have lunch together
  18. Attend a High School/College Reunion
  19. Be a bridesmaid
  20. Karaoke Night
  21. Publish my stories/poem in a popular magazine
  22. Sell my drawings or post my drawings on my wall in my house
  23. Create several DIY projects
  24. Paint Nite
  25. Attend a music festival
  26. Appear on TV or a commercial
  27. Create one youtube video or a Vlog
  28. Complete remodeling of my room
  29. Get a caricature or a self portrait drawn
  30. Get drunk or a hangover for just one night (which hasn’t happened yet lol)
  31. VIP passes to shows
  32. Drive in movie
  33. Go to a concert esp Britney Spears, Maroon 5, etc.
  34. Be a beauty pageant/contestant
  35. Dress in super sexy lingerie (which one of you girls agree with this one haha?)
  36. Do the perfect updo/hairstyle
  37. Get layers or bangs for my hair
  38. Get a complete makeover
  39. Stay the most expensive hotel
  40. Professional Body Massage
  41. Make a homemade beauty product
  42. Own more than 50 pairs of shoes/clothes/beauty products, etc
  43. Attend a fashion show
  44. Spend a day at a resort spa
  45. Wear colored contacts
  46. Gamble at a casino and actually win some money (I gambled once but lost :()
  47. Fly first class or a private jet
  48. Own a successful business
  49. Invest in the stock market
  50. Cook/date night with husband
  51. Buy like a house or something special for parents
  52. Create my own recipe
  53. Drink juice from a fresh coconut
  54. Eat breakfast in bed
  55. Learn to use chopsticks (I tried but failed many times, oops!)
  56. Reach 5,000 followers for my blog
  57. Write a cookbook
  58. Travel solo
  59. Build a sand castle
  60. Complete 1,000 pieces jigsaw puzzle
  61. Achieve my ideal weight
  62. Go canoeing or jetskiing
  63. Win a stuffed animal at a carnival
  64. Go skiing in the snow
  65. Ride a Limo
  66. Donate Blood
  67. Help elderly at a nursing home or in general
  68. Learn to play a song on an instrument
  69. Master a new language (still can’t speak French fluently lol)
  70. Plant trees and have a big beautiful garden
  71. Go for yoga class
  72. Become a tutor maybe writing
  73. Work for a charity/non profit org someday
  74. Attend the Olympics
  75. Try belly dancing
  76. Learn to ice skate
  77. Play a round of golf
  78. Sign up for Zumba or Bollywood dance classes (love both)
  79. Fly in a helicopter
  80. Give birth to 2 amazing kids
  81. Go on a spontaneous road trip
  82. Stand under the Hollywood sign
  83. Win a photo contest and receive cash prize
  84. Buy a puppy (been wanting to for so long by parents won’t let me 😦 )
  85. Celebrate NYE at Times Square
  86. Rent a beach house
  87. No budge shopping spree
  88. Walk through the Great Wall of China
  89. Fall in love and experience my first kiss
  90. Attend an American or any other cultural wedding
  91. Watch the fireworks in Disneyworld
  92. Master a strategy game
  93. Learn how to sing
  94. Experience life and adore Mother Nature way up on top of the mountain
  95. Visit all the main attractions in the top countries in each continent
  96. Attend a beach party
  97. Be a contestant on a game show
  98. Drink 10 different cocktails
  99. Get a second ear piercing or nose pierced (have been thinking about it but not sure…)
  100. Stop being afraid and start living instead

Wow! My list can go on forever but these are 100 things on my bucket list! Hope you lovely people enjoyed reading my list! Which one of these do we have in common? What are your favorites and which ones do you dislike?

Would love to hear about your bucket lists and what kind of things you would like to accomplish in your lives πŸ™‚ Would appreciate if if you could share your opinions and thoughts about this below or do a separate post about your amazing bucket list ideas! Also, it would be great if you comment below about your feedback of my posts, improvements, and what other types of posts you would like me to write about. Thanks πŸ™‚

Until next time,


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45 thoughts on “100 Things on my Bucket List! :)

  1. Awesome post. I loved everything on your bucket list. You too want to travel to Venice.. It’s my dream place.. Also there are many adventures which I wanna do in my life. Most of our dreams match.. I am happy you got inspired by my post and shared your bucket list with your readers😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thank you so much Mehul! Thank you so much for motivating me to do this post..had a lot fun doing it πŸ™‚ I already traveled to Venice but wasn’t able to ride on that Gondola 😦 Hopefully next time I can check that off on my bucket list when I travel with my husband in the near future lol! So glad our dreams match πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Santorini is so high on my list right now!! I feel like there are a few on here that will be super easy for you to do – just grab some friends and go to a paint nite! They are super fun. Also I will warn you that once you fly first class you will never want to go coach again πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes there are some places that offer paint nite in my area so def gonna check it out soon! Haha I totally agree with you on that when flying first class! πŸ™‚


  3. I do not have a bucket list but rough ideas about what I want to do or where I want to be before I pop out of this world. The good news about your list is that most of them are achievable. Good luck with attacking the list by and by xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love these kinds of lists! I agree that they can go forever, there’s so much things we would love to do, but sometimes it’s the following through that can get in the way (money, time, etc). I wish you all the luck πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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