Throwback: Michigan Trip!

Michigan Trip!

Hey everyone!!

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

First of all, want to really thank all my amazing blog friends that nominated for many awards in the past week! It means a lot to me and will def get to them soon ❤

So, today’s post will be a travel one in which I will be displaying pictures of my trip to Michigan this past April for my brother’s graduation! My brother graduated with an MBA from Ross Business School of University of Michigan. It’s a top business program and so proud of him for graduating with an MBA at a highly ranked school. We stayed in Ann Arbor Michigan for about 2 days during the duration of his convocation and commencement and got the chance to stroll along the huge but beautiful campus! Such a pleasant experience just walking around campus with mind blowing Mother Nature surrounding me and gorgeous architectural buildings! It was my first time visiting the lovely state and def loved the campus and city 🙂 My fave was the business school building and the law quad which was just amazing! Had a great time with family and def recommend checking out the campus for sure if you have the chance to visit Michigan!

Here are some pics of my trip to Michigan 🙂

Here are two pics of the Michigan airport! Def much better than I expected with colorful lights and a water fountain 🙂


These are some pics of the Ross Business School that my brother went to for his MBA! Isn’t simply amazing? Wish I could study there haha



Inside the building with all the lounges and classrooms!

Got to capture the moments during the commencement ceremony of the MBA class of 2017!


Got the chance to stroll around campus and visit the Law School in the Quad and wow, just beautiful!! Really loved it! The inside actually reminded me of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts haha!



Here are some more photographs around the city and campus:



UMichigan Library

Ann Arbor, especially around the UMich campus is just wonderful and would be a great university to study in 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics and the post! 🙂

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Spain & India Part 3: Bangalore and Chennai :)

Travel diaries India blog header

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all are having a wonderful summer! Today’s post will be about Part 3 of my Spain and India trip of Summer’17 🙂 I will be posting pictures of my memorable time in my homeland, South India. I had the opportunity to spend this time with my family & grandparents. Even though I was born in the US, my parents are from the Southern part of India in a place called Chennai and some of my relatives live in another city called Bangalore. Since most of my family all live in Chennai and Bangalore, we always try to visit them every year or two during the summer holidays 🙂

Just a reminder to my fellow bloggers and to my very new blog friends, here are the links to Part 1: Barcelona and Part 2: Madrid, Spain. Feel free to check out those posts if you haven’t already. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on some great pics 🙂 Also, hope you like the new headers that I’ve been creating 🙂

Spain & India Part 1: Barcelona

Spain & India Part 2: Madrid

So let me start out with Bangalore first! I was able to visit my lovely grandparents at my uncle’s house for a few days. They are doing well but so sad to see them all old and tired 😦 We were there for about a week. We had to switch a few hotels here and there but they all looked amazing on the inside! Here is my favorite hotel out of all of them called The Paul Bangalore. Even though it was really expensive per night we def enjoyed the stay! Here are some pics:

My parents took us on a quick tour around the city and we stopped to take a picture at the Vidhana Soudha which is the state legislative building built with beautiful Indian styles!

We visited the Hindu temple which depicts the Destroyer of the World, Lord Shiva. This temple has the largest statue of Lord Shiva built in marble and is 65ft tall, wow!! Loved it and the temple is just so pretty 🙂

shiva picshivalingam

We then just drove passed the famous beautiful garden in Cubbon Park!


I also got the chance to shop for a few hours at the popular Commercial street filled with so much crowd and lighted fancy stores 🙂


Here are just some views of Bangalore and its amazing apartment buildings:

Next is my lovely time in Chennai where my parents are from (didn’t take too many pics):

Every Indian girl cannot miss going sari shopping when they visit India! Was just so much fun:


We got the time to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday in a very popular and grandeur hotel called the ITC Grand Chola! Such a luxurious hotel with elegant interiors and designed with Indian styles! Here are a few pics:


So those are the photos that I’ve taken during my trip to Bangalore & Chennai in India! Part 3 is the last part of my travel diaries of Spain and India Trip 2017! I really hope you all enjoyed my pics! What were your favorite pics and which part did you enjoy reading the most? Would appreciate your comments below 🙂

Let me know if you like my travel posts, I will be very happy to post a lot more on my blog 🙂

Some interesting posts and maybe a few tags/awards coming up soon!

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Spain & India Trip Part 2: Madrid :)

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Hey everyone!

How are you all guys doing? Have been reading so many amazing blog posts recently so and am really proud of you guys! Keep rocking 🙂

So to recap and as mentioned in previous posts, I wanted to share with you guys my entertaining photos that I had captured during my trip to Spain! To all my friends and new followers, if you haven’t view my earlier blog post, here is the link which showcases my pictures that I took in the famous city of Barcelona, Spain:

Spain & India Trip Part 1: Barcelona

I will be providing just a short description and interesting pictures for you to view of the main attractions that I visited in those 2 days in Madrid! Let’s get started 🙂 PS. Hope you guys like the new header I created for this particular travel post 🙂

Here are some photos of the lively and colorful streets as we were driving through Gran Via, Madrid! Such a lovely view from our hotel Tryp Plaza on Gran Via Street! Wow, stunning buildings and architectural forms!! Such a treat to the eyes 🙂

spain pic 3 copyScreen Shot 2017-06-03 at 7.10.22 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.24.07 PMIMG_7710IMG_7711IMG_7712IMG_7713IMG_7714IMG_7717IMG_7719IMG_7720IMG_7722IMG_7725

Next we visited on of the main attractions which is the Almudena Cathedral, a Catholic Church filled with beautiful Gothic style designs!


Some of the other sightseeing tourist spots that we visited were:

The Museo De la Prado

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.23.58 PM

The Royal Palace of Madrid


Plaza Mayor


Last but not least, Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas which is has a indoor stadium for bull fighting 🙂

pic 4pic 1

As you can see in the pics, Spain is just a stunning country especially the city of Madrid is  filled with liveliness, elegance, and artistic structures! Definitely worth visiting so please add this to your bucket list everyone 🙂

These are all my photos from Spain which I’ve covered in Part 1 and Part 2 of my trip! I really hope you guys enjoyed my pictures and would appreciate your feedback in the comments below 🙂

Still have Part 3 coming up soon which will cover the cities of Bangalore and Chennai, India so will keep you guys posted!

Until then,


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Spain & India Trip Part 1: Barcelona :)

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 6.29.40 PM

Hey my lovely friends!

Hope you all are having a fantastic week! As mentioned in my previous post, just to recap, I went on vacation for the past 3 weeks to Spain and India and thought I could share some shots I captured during my travel 🙂 I will be splitting this travel post into 3 parts: First part would be pictures of the main attractions that I visited in Barcelona. The second part would be pictures of attractions and the streets of Madrid and last but not lease the third part will be a few photos of the beautiful city of Bangalore and Chennai in India!

Just an FYI, despite the unexpected theft of my phone and belongings in Barcelona, I’m so happy that my photos were backed up on my iCloud 🙂 Also, this is my first travel post so hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

Let’s get started with Barcelona first! As you know, Spain is the widely popular for its incredible architecture so will be posting pics in a slideshow form (wait for the next photo just in case you miss it since the slideshow is kinda slow lol) to portray Spain’s astounding forms of modern and historic architectural buildings 🙂

So the first stop was the Casa Milà or La Pedrera building and is known for its famous modern structure in Barcelona!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another one of the city’s major and most popular modern structures is the Sagrada Família! It’s basically a basilica or a church for worship,  built by a well renowned artist and architect, Gaudi. It has been built in 1883 and is still under construction even today. Wasn’t able to view the inside of the temple but was just mesmerized by its astonishing structure. Was just amazed how the historical forms and expressions were carved and detailed to portray the Gothic style culture!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As we were touring around the beautiful city of Catalonia, Barcelona, we took a quick stop to view Park Güell which is a gorgeous landscape of mind-blowing views and gardens and was also built by Gaudi. As we short of time, we weren’t able to go inside but here are a few pics of the different iconic structures surrounding the natural park!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next stop was one of the football stadiums in the city of Barcelona! Stunning isn it?

IMG_7858 (1)

Just captured a few wonderful architectural buildings along the trip…just so alluring and impressive!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here all the photos I was able to capture in Barcelona. There aren’t too much since I had only a day to sightsee most of the city but there are a lot more pics in Madrid since we had about 3 days to explore the city!

To clarify again, part 2 will be about Madrid and Part 3 will have India pics!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and would appreciate some feedback since this is my first travel post in my travel diaries! PS. I’ve travelled a lot more places in the past few years so need to catch up on those and write a blog post about them…coming up later in a few months 🙂

Next post: Spain and India Trip Part 2: Madrid so stay tuned 🙂

Until then,

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Switzerland Poetry

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.45.49 AM
The miniature and multi-colored cables cars

Set off in a blink of an eye from side to side

While penetrating through the immeasurable 

Atmosphere of the natural world.

The majestic summit

ascends like a shimmering twilight as 

misty cumulus clouds fade away behind the

incandescent, crimson, golden sun. Ice-cold,

frosty snow envelops the brown colored,

life-size mountains.

As the cable cars proceed abruptly downward,

The vast region occupies the luxuriant meadow

with black and white patterned cows. Breezy

current of air propels the evergreen trees as the

leaves collapse adequately to the flourishing grass.

The wintry weather reveals ambiance on the Evergreen

trees of the detaching of the leaves. Perceiving the sound

of the jingling bells dangling from the cow’s neckline

leads to peacefulness that inhabits the expanse. 

By: Veena

I wrote this poem during my childhood when I was 13 years old for a school poem. I thought about my experience traveling & visiting the stunning and gorgeous country of Switzerland. I started to walk down memory lane after reading my poem after 11 years. The sound of the ringing bells on cows resonating in my ears, the cool breeze touching the gentle skin of my face  & the vast beauty of Mother Nature that inhabits the region reflecting on the cornea of my eyes all paints a lovely picture of all of those treasured memories during my experience in Switzerland! Oh how I wish I could go back to those good old days but hoping to visit Switzerland sometime in the near future 🙂

Photo courtesy: google images