How to step up your Instagram game! Tips from thebeyoutifulgal :)

Hello my wonderful friends! ❤️ How’s everyone doing?! So, April has been a pretty busy month for me. The cherry blossoms have started to bloom and they are absolutely looking just beautiful out there! Since I’m a nature lover, just love this time of season but at the same time, I suffer from severe allergies….

200+ Followers on IG and new blog design! :)

Hey everyone! The beyoutifulgal here again! Hope you guys are having a great week and an awesome summer! For those living in the US, aren’t you guys excited for the 4th of July weekend?! So, summer vacation went  by so fast and only have a week left since I’m starting Summer 2 classes of grad…

100 followers on IG for Beyoutiful :)

Hey all! Hope the week is going well for you guys 🙂 Just wanted to post a quick update that I’ve reached my first milestone of reaching 100 followers on Instagram for Beyoutiful!! It may not might be a big deal but I would like to thank you each and everyone of you who have…

Instagram Account for Be-you-tiful!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you all that I just created an Instagram account for my very own blog called Be-you-tiful! I will updating the IG account of the latest posts from the blog each week. If you’re interested and enjoy my blog posts, please feel free to follow @thebeyoutifulgal on Instagram 🙂

Top 10% Popular Photographer Recognition

So for the past few years, as mentioned in my previous blog post, I got inspired from the incredible Mother Nature on my college campus during my undergrad and started my very own nature photography called artofnature101 🙂 I’ve been taking photographs of gorgeous nature by taking strolls along the college campuses, having long walks…